Established from 1996 and have good reputation in energy industry especially oil and gas. Our achievements was built by the following aspects:


Safety is at the heart of our operation.


All of our personnel have trained and certified by authorized institutions to perform their works.

They have accumulated extensive record of field experience. Besides the technical aspect, safety to the personnel, environment and client’s property have always been and will continue to be our first and foremost priority in carrying out any kind of service works.

Company Certification & License

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ASME U-Stamp and R-Stamp


Workshop & Warehouse (Taman Tekno BSD)

  • Fabrication Workshop with 5 Ton Over Head Crane & Blasting/Painting Chamber
  • Material warehouse
    Taman Tekno 4 Blok E3 No. 20-21 Serpong, 15311 Tangerang, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 21 7588 2301, Fax: +62 21 7588 2300


Fabrication Yard (Handil)

Jl. Inpres RT. 34, Kelurahan Muara Jawa Ulu, Kec. Muara Jawa
Kebupaten Kutai Kartanegara, Kalimantan Timur

Tools & Equipments

Our tools and equipment is based on a stringent set of criteria selection supported by selected high quality manufacturers in order to ensure safety and quality of our services and has played an important role to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our equipment for construction services are stored in our workshop, located in BSD (Serpong – Tangerang) area for rapid mobilization.

Diesel Generator Set, 300 kVA
Diesel-driven air compressors, up to 390 CFM (100 PSI) / 750 CFM (150 PSI)
Diesel-driven welding machines, 600 A
Inverters welding machine, 500A
Painting & sandblasting equipment sets
Various size of grinders (electric & pneumatic)
Oxygen / Acetylene cutting sets
Welding Electrode Oven
Hydrotest equipment sets, up to 10.000 psi
Air and water manifolds
Portable fire extinguishers
Combustible & toxic gas detectors
Walkie-talkies (IS Standard)
Explosion-proof work lighting equipments
Heavy Duty Drill Machine
Rigging equipments (chain blocks, wire slings, webbing slings, jacks, tirfors, etc.)
Scaffolding Equipment (BS Standard)
Personal toolkit set (Rigger, Scaffolder, Electrician, Instrument Technician, Pipefitter, Welder)
Miscellaneous safety equipments (full-body safety harnesses, life jackets, work vests, flame-retardant coveralls, personal protective equipments, etc.)
Certified Container for mobilization of tools and equipments


Our services are performed and delivered by certified and well-trained technicians with high quality equipments and within proper facilities. We are result oriented and put strong emphasis on delivering a high value facility that meets our clients’ standard and business needs. We employ highly skilled and field-experienced personnel as well as a high-quality and comprehensive set of equipment to ensure safety and efficiency in our projects.






Only for the best

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