Our services are performed and delivered by certified and well-trained technicians with high quality equipments and within proper facilities.

We are result oriented and put strong emphasis on delivering a high value facility that meets our clients’ standard and business needs.

We employ highly skilled and field-experienced personnel as well as a high-quality and comprehensive set of equipment to ensure safety and efficiency in our projects.


We deliver engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions under some of the most demanding conditions. We offer innovative executions and delivery solutions to our clients in multiple sectors for projects of scale and complexity.

Our technical EPC solutions come with the ability to manage a large workforce in diverse locations and within challenging terrains and environments.

  • Four Disciplines: Civil & Structure, Piping, Electrical, & Instrumentation
  • Corporate and Project Team resources Engineers & Drafters
  • Licensed Software ; AUTO Cad, STAAD Pro, and AUTO Pipe

Procurement & Fabrication

Fabrication is done in Sarku workshop in BSD, from Carbon Steel to exotic material (e.g. Stainless Steel, Duplex, etc.) can be fabricated in our closed area workshop. Structural steel works and piping works could be fabricated and a blasting and painting area is also provided to complete up to final coating.

  • Steel Structure
  • Piping: Duplex SS, Stainless Steel, CuNi, Carbon Steel, NiAlBr (Alloy)
  • WPS/PQR: AWS D1.1, ASME IX, API 1104

Construction & Installation

Maintenance of onshore and offshore energy’s facilities are the kind of services we are expert and excel. To ensure safety and efficiency in our projects, we employ highly skilled and field-experienced personnel as well as a high-quality and comprehensive set of equipments.

  • Onshore pipeline
  • Onshore/Offshore production facilities
  • Maintenance production facilities
  • Hook-Up, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning

Special Services

Bolt Tensioning & Torquing
We pride our knowledge of joint designs and operating specifications as well as application of accurate bolt loading in a controlled manner and our abilities to achieve leak free startup.

We carry bolt tensioning and torquing equipment ranging from 1” to 3-½” bolt sizes. We also provide nut splitting and flange spreading services to deal with tough cases and complement our bolt handling services. (For more info, link to contact us)

Cold Cutting
A standard wall pipe can be cut and beveled with a typical cutting speed of approximately 2 minutes per 1” of pipe diameter. (For more info, link to contact us)

Pressurized Welding Enclosure
Hot Work is a leading cause of industrial fires, consistently ranking in the top five causes of fires across all industries. Safety professionals are especially challenged to ensure the health and safety of workers conducting the Hot Work. We utilize Vavada portable, modular, and fire retardant habitats in a variety of industrial settings where Hot Work containment is required and/or desired in order to mitigate against risks associated with Hot Work related activities. (For more info, link to contact us)

  • Positive Pressurized Hot-work Enclosure
  • Flange Management
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Hydro-testing and Leak test


Only for the best

PT. Sarku Enjineering Utama provides not only an opportunity to grow your career, but also chances to nourish your skill and professionalism, supported with supportive and healthy working environment for all SEU Staff

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