Special Services


All of our field personnel have completed training at various equipment manufacturers authorized training institutions. They have accumulated extensive record of field experience. Besides the technical aspect, safety to the personnel, environment and client’s property have always been and will continue to be our first and foremost priority in carrying out any kind of service works.

Tools & Equipments:

Our equipment is supplied and supported by internationally acclaimed manufacturers and has played an important role to ensure customer satisfaction. We base our selection of equipment on a stringent set of criteria in order to ensure safety and quality of our services.

Our equipment for construction services are stored in our workshop, located in BSD (Serpong – Tangerang) area for rapid mobilization.

Other Special Services:

  1. Bolt Tensioning & Torquing

We pride our knowledge of joint designs and operating specifications as well as application of accurate bolt loading in a controlled manner and our abilities to achieve leak free startup.

We carry bolt tensioning and torquing equipment ranging from 1” to 3-½” bolt sizes to cater for the oil and gas industry. We also provide nut splitting and flange spreading services to deal with tough cases and complement our bolt handling services. (For more info, link to contact us)

  1. Cold Cutting

Our large size cold cutter can even be operated underwater at depths of well under 600 feet. A standard wall pipe can be cut and beveled with a typical cutting speed of approximately 2 minutes per 1” of pipe diameter. (For more info, link to contact us)

  1. Pressurized Welding Enclosure

Hot Work is a leading cause of industrial fires, consistently ranking in the top five causes of fires across all industries. Safety professionals are especially challenged to ensure the health and safety of workers conducting the Hot Work. We utilize PetroHab’s portable, modular, and fire retardant habitats in a variety of industrial settings where Hot Work containment is required and/or desired in order to mitigate against risks associated with Hot Work related activities. (For more info, link to contact us)