Tools & Equipments

Our equipments for construction services are stored in our workshop, located in BSD (Serpong – Tangerang) area for rapid mobilization.

Diesel Generator Set, 300 kVA
Diesel-driven air compressors, up to 390 CFM (100 PSI) / 750 CFM (150 PSI)
Diesel-driven welding machines, 600 A
Inverters welding machine, 500A
Painting & sandblasting equipment sets
Various size of grinders (electric & pneumatic)
Oxygen / Acetylene cutting sets
Welding Electrode Oven
Hydrotest equipment sets, up to 10.000 psi
Air and water manifolds
Portable fire extinguishers
Combustible & toxic gas detectors
Walkie-talkies (IS Standard)
Explosion-proof work lighting equipments
Heavy Duty Drill Machine
Rigging equipments (chain blocks, wire slings, webbing slings, jacks, tirfors, etc.)
Scaffolding Equipment (BS Standard)
Personal toolkit set (Rigger, Scaffolder, Electrician, Instrument Technician, Pipefitter, Welder)
Miscellaneous safety equipments (full-body safety harnesses, life jackets, work vests, flame-retardant coveralls, personal protective equipments, etc.)
Certified Container for mobilization of tools and equipments